CYBER INTUITION is a Threat Intelligence Security Company offering end-to-end security solutions for several organizations all over the world. We aim to provide the best IT technologies on cyber security, that our customers can trust today and in the years to come, in order to protect and safeguard IT data.

Our solution is RaPToR, an optimized software which is easy to be installed, with no impact on the PC performances, while protecting files and sensitive data from ransomware and data exfiltration.

RaPToR is an advanced protection software, already chosen by hundreds of customers, among which government entities, banks and companies. For reasons of privacy, the names of the companies using our anti-ransomware software cannot be made public.

Our partnership and cooperation with the best cyber security companies enables us to guarantee that our customers can always benefit from state-of-art technologies.

The cost of our services are always custom-made and it depends on the number of devices you need to protect.